The Volunteer Recognition Program was designed to highlight individuals and teams of the OpenMRS community, whose efforts and contributions have been exemplary. Your hard work is fundamental to the mission of OpenMRS, and we believe that these winners should be awarded in a way that publicly expresses OpenMRS' gratitude and appreciation.


As our way of saying thank you and recognizing your efforts, you'll receive the following items, of which you are not obligated to accept:

  1. Public Recognition

  2. PodCast to Highlight the work that is being honored

  3. Posting on a recognition WIKI page with a blurb about the award

Nomination Process

Please submit your nomination through our Google Form.

Requirements for Consideration

Volunteer of the Month should exemplify the following requirements.

  1. Benefit to the community as evidenced by

  2. Contribution is beyond the normal expectations of a community member's role


Examples of contributions can be, but not limited to:

Submission Requirements

Your written submission can be from yourself or others, and must include the following: