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Date: 05 Mar 2008 (by email)


User:   research something in rwanda , former clinical assistant for peru/russia teams


EMR Experience:

I've worked with all previous pih emrs, most with the peru/Russia emr in 2001-3 and now openmrs-rwanda over the last year.


What do you use the EMR for?

research including the oracta study and the ruhengeri satellite. I make xsns, and use often cohort builder, data exports, and form data exports.


What works well (and why):

I like the data exports, it’s good that there are simple columns for the stuff you are likely to use and then concept columns for the rest. although I don’t get what calculated columns are?  


What doesn’t work well (and why):

this is hard to answer this way, because it is a lot of small things.

  • cohort builder –
    • managing cohorts after making them is not really possible (at least doesn’t seem so , when I go to manage cohorts I only see some of the cohorts listed and the only option is to delete, can’t see for instance what the search criteria were).
    • also in cohort builder there are three different ‘save’ icons, and I can’t really tell which does what.
    • also there is no way I can figure out to put in a cohort (ie I’ve pulled a cohort and refined it and want to do a data export for just that cohort it doesn’t seem possible to upload a list of IDs).
    • another thing that might make data exports easier is if there is a link from the cohort builder page (similar to the “work with this patient set” link that says something like “build data export with this cohort” or something to take you directly to the build data export page with that cohort already loaded in the column, just to save a few clicks. (that would be research   focused but pretty much every time I build a cohort I go next to make a new data export.)
  • the process of getting answers on things is hard too and I know this is because you all work really hard and have not enough people, but when I ask a question I often have to ask it multiple times. the process for getting concepts added is currently at a standstill it seems (I know there is some issue with version or build that is holding it up, but I feel like a nag having to ask the status every week).
  • another thing, and this is getting into more detail - having every concept be an option for some drop down list.   I think cause of death was one (maybe it’s not anymore) that the options were basically a drop down list of the entire concept dictionary.
  • something else is sometimes (not all the time it seems) when I start typing a name in the find pt page, it will start spitting out every name and sometimes give me 143 options even when I’ve put in the entire name (it shows something like every name with those initials).
  • something else I just noticed (super detail now but since I’m here…) – reason for regimen change drop down list does not have allergy as an option.

Wish List for EMR:

(see above)