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Date: 20 Feb 2008 (by phone)


User:   Researcher-clinician , Peru


EMR Experience: No OpenMRS experience,  PIH EMR 1.0 ( P eru ) user in 2003. E-chasqui a couple of months ago


What does she use the EMR for?

  1. She does not use the EMR to look at individual patient data
  2. Research – indirectly gets someone else to set up queries for her and send her a link
  3. Uses E-chasque to see performance of rapid method


Comments on what she uses:

  • Peru worked well – building cohorts to get general sense of what’s going on
  • Patient summary in Peru was good – Drug-o-gram, lab tests were useful
  • Developing the UI is fine, but good data is really the major problem.  At some point, the clinicians all sort of just dismissed the EMR because the data wasn’t good enough.  This is for many reasons:  incomplete forms, delay of getting form data into EMR, no process for getting lab data etc, etc.  “90%” accuracy is just not good enough.


Comments on mockups:

  • Something like the HIV patient summary screen would be good even in the US
  • Should be something printout-able for situations where there is no terminal in the exam room
  • Graphs are very busy – some things, like symptoms, probably won’t be reported accurately anyway & should be removed
  • Maybe better to stack graphs vertically rather than overlapping all of the data
  • Weight graph for MDR would be good too