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Date: 13 Feb 2008 (in person)


User:   Program Manager – multiple countries


EMR Experience: Used to regularly access the Peru system (PIH EMR 1.0)


Comments on EMR:

  • does not presently use the EMR directly, mostly requests data from country directors/data managers , but would potentially search for the data himself if it were easy
  • Daily report is very useful for him – pushed email data in general is good
  • He’d be okay with logging into each site’s EMR separately


Wish List for EMR:

  • Custom aggregate data current/monthly/quarterly/yearly for procurement, budgeting etc – mostly about 30 fixed indicators, but there are always unusual requests
  • Top level indicators common to all sites – noted that there are many types of data that are not presently collected by the EMR such as c-sections, ambulatory visits etc
  • Access to the daily report archive
  • Alerts about missing data