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Date: 06 Feb 2008 (via email)


User:   Data Manager, Haiti


EMR Experience: No OpenMRS experience, PIH EMR 1.0 user since 2006


What does she use the EMR for (and how often)?

  1. This year we have been entering backlog data (RV/DDB/TR/CD4 and regimen),
  2. but I also use it for analysis (rarely) ,
  3. reporting (every month for about 2 days),
  4. checking on data clerk entry (monthly),
  5. PTME and pregnancy follow-up,
  6. and cleaning merge patients (sporadically when I have time).


Comments on what she uses:

  • PRO - The reporting function and data entry functions work well. They are simple and easy to use.  There are minor clean-up issues that could be addressed.
  • PRO - I think the new pregnancy tool will be useful once it is cleaned up. I can put out warnings etc.
  • CON - Analysis tool-when I have needed a specific analysis done I have not found the criteria available to do my own analysis'.
  • CON - The CD4/TR entry flow for lab techs is not great. Does not allow them to search for a  patient and see their demographics to ensure they are entering the test for the right patient.
  • CON - There are also several pages that are "inactive”


Suggestions/Wish List for EMR:

  • Redesign the analysis tool to have drop down boxes for selection criteria for example; Pt sex, household demographics, CD4, regime, etc. Include analysis for CD4 counts between X and X
  • A lot of Duplicates are created via TR and CD4 need to figure out a better way to avoid this and a better way to identify duplicate patients
  • Figure out ways to standardize f/u of high risk patients (via e-mail etc)
  • User registration is frustrating and not translated-leads to people just not using it.
  • Create a better page for ALL pt lists to live in the same place and be useful and get rid of duplications
  • IF we were to make a special start page for Data Managers:   I think it's a good idea, and the pages I use most secretly are the delete pt page, data clerk report card, analysis tools (which should also be available to other users)and other administrative pages that sometimes programmer sends me, wiki pages etc.