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Date: 20 Feb 2008 (by phone)


User: International Health Data Coordinator


EMR Experience: OpenMRS user for 2 years


What does she use the EMR for?

  1. Manages data concepts (concept dictionary)
  2. Develops forms
  3. Runs reports


Comments on what she uses:

  • Need an electronic system for proposing, creating and documenting new concepts
  • Infopath – need a more efficient way to enter data validation and rules (It requires too many mouse clicks now)
  • Cohort builder interface is easy to use, but does not perform all of the complex queries she needs.
  • Reporting requires pulling data from SQL and exporting to SAS to create reports.  She needs one click generation of periodic reports.  There should be report templates/samples so that sites don’t have to create from scratch everytime.
  • Orders table does not work
  • (from Data managers) - Need more customizable data entry statistics
  • (from Data managers) – need better data exporting tools.  When we export a CVS file to Excel we’re hitting the line limit
  • Logitudinal data is a problem – such as multiple CD4 counts
  • Overall, she is fine with the UI.  She has direct access to developers and can easily request whatever changes/enhancements she needs