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Date: 28 Feb 2008 (by phone)


User:   Clinician, Russia , Peru


EMR Experience: No OpenMRS experience, PIH EMR 1.0 user for 5-6 months, Russia EMR user, BWH system user


What does he use the EMR for?

  1. Used the printouts from the Peru system during patient visits – summary sheets, drug-o-gram, regimens, DST, labs etc (MDR TB patients)
  2. Used printouts from the Russia EMR during patient visits (MDR TB patients)
  3. Occasionally needs aggregate data for reports/program planning.  He does not use either EMR directly for this.  He makes a request of the data manager.
  4. Uses BWH system online for patient visits


Comments on what he uses:

  • Peru system summary screens were good.  The only thing missing are actual images of the x-rays.  Data was sometimes not up to date.
  • The Russia system had x-rays, but the data was always about a month old. Also, if you already knew the patient history the data presented was fine, but the whole “story” wasn’t there.  Since the data was coming from different sources (complicated back end) sometimes there were conflicts – no QC


Wish List for EMR:

  • He’d love something like the BWH system.  All the data you need is at your fingertips including all labs & x-ray images.  Most importantly, you can count on everything being fully up to date.
  • For research, if he could pull up data relevant to his needs himself, he would do it.  Data he’s looking for is mostly programmatic such as:  What is the capacity of a site?  Are the beds full?  Information for planning and cost projection