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Date: 06 Feb 2008 (in person)


User:   Clinician, Haiti


EMR Experience: No OpenMRS experience, PIH EMR 1.0 user since 2003


What does she use the EMR for?

  1. Uses EMR 1.0 during ~80% of  patient visits (unless the system is down or she doesn’t have the physical space).  Patient summary screen is pretty much all she uses.
  2. She looks at reports and searches on occasion.  If she needs a complicated search she tells programmer and he creates it for her and sends her a link.
  3. She did data entry/editing early on in the program, but hasn’t done any in years


Comments on what she uses:

  • She’s been waiting for the patient summary screen for years – it’s “a godsend”, “heaven”
  • Patient summary medication history is not intuitive – dates don’t make sense
  • History of Medication link – chart is not helpful to her, starting dates were inaccurate(?)
  • She can go thru EMR to see forms, but there’s so much not filled in, takes so long to scroll to what she wants, it’s easier and faster to use the paper forms
  • If we were to add anything to the patient summary, it might be useful to add complaints, state of patient and/or followup plan, but she feels strongly that it should all fit on one page - no scrolling (her monitor was set to 1024x768)


Wish List for EMR:

  • Specimen tracking
  • PCR patient tracking


EMR 2.0 testing:


Exploring:   Went immediately to programs, found no patients through old search tool, went to patient search, found test patient & found patient summary.  Clicked through all patient dashboard tabs, then went an clicked through main tabs.  Reaction strongly positive – “It looks really good!”


Monitored task:   Browsed to cohort builder and did not recognize its function.  I asked her to create a specific cohort.  She was confused by list of saved searches.  Never moved off of the concept/obs tab.  Tried to enter “all” in the concept box.  She “didn’t think the other tabs applied to her”. 


Once it was explained to her, she liked the power of Boolean searches (reminded her of Pub Med), but speculated that most users in Haiti would not understand them.  She said it was a bit clunky, but thought that a any complicated search interface would probably need to be clunky and that it looked like it would work.