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Contact Jamie Thomas for more information on how to join the call.


August 24, 2017
  • OpenMRS Ebola paper to be released in JMIR next week- Jeff
  • press release ?
  • Service Provider Program - Draft comments (Jan/ Darius) 
  • Review Project Plan and update
  • Guidestar - 'Gold' status pending (.5% of non-profits on GuideStar)- Jeff
  • changed our status from silver to gold ( provided additional information) 
  • OpenMRS conference Update- Christine / Jeff 
  • Budget (Lorinne and Maganizo) - will be discussed on conference call tomorrow 
  • Formal announcement on Talk
  • formal agreement between Malawi and OpenMRS is still needed
  • Scholarships
  • if anyone wants to volunteer, that would be great ( contact Christine; someone from incountry and planning team) 
  • Sponsorship:
  • discussion about inviting 'vendors' to OMRS17
  • Sponsored talks/ booths 
  • Sponsorship funds- update from Paul? 
  • what organizations to ask; review the potential sponsorships 
  • update on invites- Paul to do strategic invites 
  • dump into a spreadsheet and update weekly
  • Site visits 
  • role of PIH in the conference since they are using OpenMRS
  • may be able to get PIH to the meeting
  • potential to simulate real use of OpenMRS within PIH clinics at the conference site 
  • Benefit to Malawi from the conference being held in Malawi 
  • facilitated dialogue with attendees about HIT systems
  • Infrastructure support update- Burke/Darius
  • how much money do we need and for what? $2500 over 3 months (with report back on progress after 10 wks) + option for $2500 more
  • will forward to the BoD for their information with a small project plan attached to the email communication to the BoD
  • The precedent we're setting (or reinforcing?) is that the board is responsible for approving expenses, and the leadership team is advisory to the board.   As long as that's clear to everyone, that's good.  Or, we can say that the leadership team has operational control, and we're just notifying the board that we're within a projected budget (whether formal or assumed). This managment structure needs to be clarified.
  • operational decision
  • will detail more information about what we are going to do with the money 
  • should consider generating an annual budget for OpenMRS in the future
  • impact on shortening the time to fiscal viability
  • Discuss global good RFP for the future for OpenMRS- RFP not published yet
  • should be for core support 
  • schedule how we expect to respond to this RFP
  • Bahmni Transition- Darius
  • Bahmni tech training starting tomorrow 
  • goverance documents in process of review
  • Web site update ( jeff) 
  • response to Talk Post- conversations continuing on talk thread 
  • comments on draft guidance 
  • Fundraising- Jan/ Jeff/ Terry
  • Update on Facebook scholarship process
  • send check 60/70 days after funding is obtained
  • update on money raised since we started ( approximately 2800+)
  • planned campaign in October  
  • fiscal transparency site on the Web 
  • Outreachy participation
  • could be a specific ask to a company with an underwriting 
  • Dear coordinators and mentors,
  • Thank you for being a part of our internship program! Our timeline for
  • the next round is:
  •    September 7 - application period opens
  •    October 23 - contributions and applications are due
  •    November 9 - interns announced
  •    December 5, 2017 to March 5, 2018 - internship period.
  • If your organization is interested in participating in the next round,
  • please let us know by September 4 if you will participate.
  • GSoC funding for mentor travel 
  • leads are ranking mentors to go to the mentor summit
  • decision making process- mentor summit is part of GSoC
  • should be using the guidelines for ranking travel
  • multiple candidates to send ( four identified to go as one came off of the waiting list)  
  • we may need additional funds for travel (can do combinations of people) from OpenMRS 
  • maximum amount to spend is 500 from OpenMRS money 
  • would benefit from the specifics about the budget to make this decision  
To Do August 24, 2017
    1. identify volunteers for the scholarship committee- ask the LT for this 
    2. put the conference guidance into a spreadsheet so that we can follow this with a stoplight format - terry asked Matt to do this (with dates, if possible)
    3. infrastructure support - will send to the BOD for their information along with information about the current budget situation (see number 6 below) 
    4. Outreachy-- consider development of a specific ask for underwriting for this- need to write up an ask for this 
    5. Mentor travel-will figure out the potential cost for this and approve up to 500 
    6. Budget-- terry to get fiscal update from theresa to present to the LT next week (we don't really have a budget) 
  •     discuss global good RFP for the future for OpenMRS
  • should be for core support 
  • schedule how we expect to respond to this RFP
  • Summit:
  • formal letter from OpenMRS- Jeff/Paul 
  • Review conference support/ funding opportunities
  • Infrastructure support
  • Burke to come back with a number/plan
  • Bahmni
  • governance plan 
  • review of spending plan
  • project manager/indirect spend 
  • Web site update 
  • Jeff- share the spreadsheet
  • bring back milestone /pathway
Monthly Items 
  • Fundraising Update
  • Operational Plan Update
  • Budget/Expenses/ first Thursday
  • Partnerships- third Thursday
  • plan meeting for the OMRS conference for the LT  
  • BOD Update
Quarterly Update (link to the quarterly status spreadsheet?)
  • Infrastructure Update (Quarterly - Jun, Sep, Dec)
  • Ongoing Quarterly metric review of specific areas
Parking Lot Follow Up items
  • Diversity Council-Terry 
  • Follow up re:  Pathway to Improved Terminology Management for the OpenMRS Community - Jonathan Payne ( update) - deferred


You can also access the notes below here.

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