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Discussion items

RefApp 2.6Unknown User (darius)
PlatformUnknown User (darius) & Burke Mamlin
  • Unknown User (darius) just released beta for 2.1.0
  • Need to figure out if we can make this a platform release (logistics of releasing + does FHIR need to be updated with new changes to obs?)
AddonsUnknown User (darius)
  • Currently ready to go live (need to switch from staging to production URL) – would like to do before GSoC starts
  • Still need to migrate modules from modulus/maven to bintray
GSoCUnknown User (harsha89) & Unknown User (k.joseph)Mentors should be reviewing applications
AndelaUnknown User (dkayiwa)
  • Two devs have graduated
  • Two new devs
  • Weekly calls
  • Next demo planned for next Wednesday (or maybe Tuesday). They will announce.
Quarterly Scrum of ScrumsUnknown User (darius) & Unknown User (janflowers)Planned for this Wednesday

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