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Reference Application 2.3

Tharunya Pati
  • test module will be released today
  • Wyclif believes the 2.3 release will happen today
Platform 1.12Shruthi Dipali
  • Darius, Burke, Shruthi and Sathyan are trying to schedule a time to talk/Q&A about the release.
Platform 2.0Mayank Sharma
  • managed to get 8 devs working on issues fo the Legacy UI module
  • Daniel will provide support this week since Wyclif will be at OMRS Camp
  • Will try to get tickets done this week but with OMRS Camp it may need to push into next week
  • Mayank wants to get more devs on this, has been posting on Talk but not getting a lot of feedback.
  • Mayank believes that there is a lack of communication to devs on what they can work on, a place to post items
  • make a post everyday on talk and twitter on what can be worked on
  • testing on Legacy UI is set for next week
  • alpha release is still set for mid-November
  • remove deprecated methods - 90% done daniel did merge and wyclif reviewed - Daniel finishing up this week

Action items