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Introducing Reference Application 2.3

Taking up from Release 2.2, we are here to introduce 2.3 to the community through a scheduled release.

I would like to specifically thank Wyclif Luyima, Darius JazayeriRafal Korytkowski, Burke Mamlin, Michael Downey, Daniel Kayiwa, Jaime Thomas, Nicholas Ingosi, Lluis Martines, Cintia Del Rio for well organizing and leading the technical issues required to be completed for the 2.3 release


Features to be released in OpenMRS 2.3:

  • Administrative functions
  • OCL Subscription module
  • Support for Maria DB


Complete list of code contributors to OpenMRS 2.3 (To be updated)


-Tharunya Pati

Modules required to be released:
ModuleVersion in OpenMRS 2.3Version in OpenMRS 2.2Notes/Issue(s)
Allergy API 1.3Included in RA
Allergy UI 1.1.2Included in RA
App Framework 2.3See in JIRA
App UI 1.3Included in RA
Appointment Scheduling Module 1.3See in JIRA 
Appointment Scheduling UI Module 1.0.2See in JIRA 
Atlas 2.1Same
Calculation 1.1Same
Chart Search Module 1.4.1See in JIRA
Core Apps 1.6Included in RA
Data Exchange 1.3.1Included in RA
EMR API 1.6See in JIRA
Event 2.2.1See in JIRA
Form Entry App 1.1Included in RA
HTML Form Entry 2.5See in JIRA
HTML Form Entry Extensions for OpenMRS 1.9 1.5Included in HTML Form Entry
HTML Form Entry UI Framework Integration 1.2Included in HTML Form Entry
HTML Widgets 1.6.8See in JIRA
ID Generation 3.2See in JIRA
Metadata Deploy 1.4See in JIRA
Metadata Mapping 1.0.2 
Metadata Sharing 1.1.9See in JIRA
Name Phonetics 1.4Same
OpenMRS UI Framework 3.3.1See in JIRA
Provider Management 2.2Same
Reference Application (RA) 2.2See in JIRA
Reference Demo Data (optional) 1.4.1Included in RA
Reference Metadata 2.3Included in RA
Registration App 1.2 
Registration Core 1.1.2 
Reporting 0.9.4See in JIRA
Reporting REST 1.4See in JIRA
Rest Web Services2.122.11.dae2e2See in JIRA
Serialization Xstream 0.2.7Same
UI Commons 1.6See in JIRA
UI Library 2.0.4Same


The closed issues in Reference Application Modules  -  To be updated


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