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  • 2015-06-15 Project Management Meeting
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Discussion items

OCL subscription moduleRafal Korytkowski
Condition ListÉmerson Hernandez
  • design forum today will be talking w/ Bahmni BA (Saranya) about use cases and requirements
OpenMRS Web FrameworkBurke Mamlin
  • 17 June will look at how to make REST services more robust
Vertical PackagingBurke Mamlin
  • First step will be to add ability to map metadata, 22 June design forum
Administrative functionsUnknown User (wyclif)
  • will look at how to make REST services more robust on Wednesday's design forum and look at Bahmni's work later on
Support for MariaDB 
  • need to figure out how we want to proceed with getting CI set up
  • dev5's can help with CI when we identify specific tasks
Java 8 supportUnknown User (wyclif)
  • older versions of OpenMRS failing if running Java 8
  • Java 8 can run Java 6 code but can not build
  • need to send out a broad message to the community about the need to update systems to Java 8 so they can prepare for platform release later in the year
  • Wyclif would like to get some unit testing to make sure nothing is failing
  • will send a communication to the community encouraging them to update production machines to Java 8 after testing is complete
Upgrade Underlying TechnologiesRafal Korytkowski
  • discussed the state of a what a module owner needs to do on dev forum and need to document the situation on a wiki page - Rafal or Kris?
FHIR SupportUnknown User (surangak)
  • basing on 1.10 support for now
Remove Legacy UIBurke Mamlin
  • GSoC project
  • in master there is no UI anymore
  • need to discuss roadmap for platform changes 1.12 - dev forum discussion

David DeSimone

Émerson Hernandez


  • Ellen Ball is in West Africa doing check in for clinic in Liberia, also visiting Sierra Leone


  • still working on relationships (separate clinical vs. personal) and gender (supporting other than M/F)
  • will be talking about condition list on today's design call
  • programs ( setup programs like diabetes or TB and enroll patients) being built on top of OpenMRS existing code
  • still working on PACS integration features

Action items

  • Unknown User (jthomas) will follow with Rafal and Nicholas on where we stand on OCL subscription module.
  • Burke Mamlin will create/revive a discussion on OpenMRS Talk around metadata mapping to help prepare for our design forum discussion on 22 June.
  • Unknown User (wyclif) will send a communication to the community encouraging people to assist with unit testing so they can  update production machines to Java 8
  • Unknown User (jthomas) will reach out to Rafal to coordinate the development of a wiki page around how module owners will need to work across hibernate.
  • Unknown User (jthomas) will work to schedule developers forum on "Do we need a 1.12 vs/or 2.0 for the platform?" (possibly this Thursday)
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