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Discussion items

OCL subscription moduleRafal Korytkowski
  • Jonathan reported that OCL Module development can continue starting 2 June. OCL API expected to be in production the week of 8 June.
Condition ListÉmerson Hernandez
  • 1 June design forum to define how encounter diagnoses should work with conditions (and condition list).
  • another round of questions with implementation tomorrow
  • 15 June design forum to talk w/ BA business use case and requirements. Also test against model to make sure OpenMRS can support this.
OpenMRS Web FrameworkBurke Mamlin
  • Bahmni technical deep dive scheduled for 4 June Developers Forum.
  • would like to list out goals for the next few months on a design call - make sure we are feeding the GSoC students
Vertical PackagingBurke Mamlin
  • first step to packaging data is to introduce mapping of metadata (need deign time)
Administrative functionsWyclif Luyima
  • Wyclif has been been putting some tickets together RA-61 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Wyclif is designing a sprint
Basic Order Entry for meds and testsDarius Jazayeri
  • schedule a design call to look at visit note work that Darius has done
Support for MariaDB 
  • Lluis Martinez already tested the basic scenarios (legacy, embedded and reference application running on Tomcat). 
  • Next step is fgetting CI set up. Need to see if Cintia might be able to help coordinate.
  • GSoC student Nyah Check is willing to help where he can.
Java 8 supportWyclif Luyima
  • need to get people to spike on reporting and html formatting
  • Wyclif will reach out to key module authors about how the switch to Java 8 may affect them.
Upgrade Underlying TechnologiesRafal Korytkowski
  • Get upgrading hibernate on a design call to make sure module owners can weigh in on this
Distribution Updates 
  • Vivek Singh will probably be asking about sync module due to some feedback Bahmni got lately
  • This year we will want to start looking at interoperability for Bahmni to run along reference application
  • Making improvements for clinician facing in Mirebalais
  • PIH - Development of a "Core" system for Haiti and other countries - deployment of the registration/check-in form that "Core" system to a clinic in Liberia
How can the PM group do better? 
  • Darius - need to be better about messaging our versioning, resources, startegy and our road mapping.

Action items