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This page is a draft describing a version of OpenMRS that has yet to be released. We are adapting prior release notes for this new version; during this process some of the information may be incorrect or inconsistent.

On this page:

Introducing OpenMRS 2.2

Several months ago, the OpenMRS developer community decided that we needed a better release process.  We agreed that we would aim to release OpenMRS twice a year, and the platform annually. Our goal was to release OpenMRS 2.2 by March 2014. We just barely missed that goal, but today, in early April, I'm happy to announce the release of OpenMRS 2.2!

OpenMRS 2.2 includes new versions of lots of modules.


Wyclif Luyima,  Ryan Yates, Darius JazayeriRafal Korytkowski, Burke Mamlin,Michael Downey, Daniel Kayiwa, Joseph Kaweesi   and the Infrastructure Team made big contributions.


Thanks to the complete list of code contributors to OpenMRS 2.2:

Alexis Duque, Andrew Szell, Angshuman Sarkar, Aniketha Katakam, Anton Kravchenko, Arathy-mac, Benjamin Wolfe, Burke Mamlin, Cintia Del Rio Calvo, Cosmin Ioan, Damian Szafranek, Damitha Kithmal, Daniel Kayiwa, Darius Jazayeri, Deepak N, Filip Biedrzycki, Geoffrey W Wasilwa, Gitahi Ng'ang'a, Glauber Ramos, Harsha Kumara, Hemanth, Jakub Kondrat, Kaweesi Joseph, Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk, Lech Rozanski, Lee Breisacher, Lukas Breitwieser, Madawa Soysa, Marek Szukalski, Mark Goodrich, Mihir, Mike Seation, Miss Beens, Mujir Shaikh, Mário Areias, Nehashri P L, Neissi Torres Lima, Nicholas Ingosi Magaja, Nyoman Ribeka, Pamela Canchanya, Paweł Muchowski, Przemyslaw Gierszewski, Radek Puzdrowski, Radoslaw Puzdrowski, Rafal Korytkowski, Rohan Poddar, Rowan Seymour, Saptarshi Purkayastha, Shruthi Dipali, Suraj Ponugoti, Sushmitha Rao, Vinay Venu, Vinkesh Banka, Wesley Spencer See, Willa Ahmed, Wyclif Luyima, hemanths, indraneelr, Łukasz Gąsior

-Sri Maurya Kummamuru

Bundled Modules and Closed Issues

ModuleVersion in OpenMRS 2.2Version in OpenMRS 2.1Notes/Issue(s)
Allergy API1.31.0.1Included in RA
Allergy UI1.1.21.0Included in RA
App Framework2.32.2.1See in JIRA
App UI1.31.2.2Included in RA
Appointment Scheduling Module1.3Not IncludedSee in JIRA 
Appointment Scheduling UI Module1.0.1Not IncludedSee in JIRA 
Chart Search Module1.2Not IncludedSee in JIRA
Core Apps1.51.4Included in RA
Data Exchange1.3.11.2Included in RA
EMR API1.61.4See in JIRA
Event2.2.12.1See in JIRA
Form Entry App1.11.0Included in RA
HTML Form Entry2.52.4See in JIRA
HTML Form Entry Extensions for OpenMRS in HTML Form Entry
HTML Form Entry UI Framework Integration1.21.1Included in HTML Form Entry
HTML Widgets1. in JIRA
ID Generation3.22.9.1See in JIRA
Metadata Deploy1.41.2See in JIRA
Metadata Mapping1. 
Metadata Sharing1. in JIRA
Name Phonetics1.41.4Same
OpenMRS UI Framework3. in JIRA
Provider Management2.22.2Same
Reference Application (RA) in JIRA
Reference Demo Data (optional) in RA
Reference Metadata2.32.1.1Included in RA
Registration App1.21.0 
Registration Core1.1.21.0 
Reporting0. in JIRA
Reporting REST1.41.3See in JIRA
Rest Web Services2.11.dae2e22.6.9 d2016See in JIRA
Serialization Xstream0.
UI Commons1.51.3See in JIRA
UI Library2.


Download OpenMRS 2.2 at and see the implementer documentation.



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