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This guide mentions steps that are different from those for releasing OpenMRS API.
  1. Update CIEL on the mdsbuilder to the latest version using the sql dump provided by Andrew Kanter.
    1. Login to mdsbuilder using ssh.
    2. Run mysql import of the sql dump.
  2. Update Metadata Sharing packages to the latest versions of CIEL concepts
    1. Login to mdsbuilder.
    2. Go to Administration -> Metadata Sharing -> Export Metadata and choose a package containing concepts (repeat this step for all packages containing concepts).
      1. Click New Version.
      2. Follow the creating package wizard leaving all defaults.
    3. Click Download Latest to get the zip file for that package. 
  3. Export concepts using data exchange to preserve IDs for later updates of CIEL.
    1. Login to mds builder.
    2. Go to System Administration -> Advanced Administration -> Data Exchange Module / Export. Upload header.xml file from all you downloaded in 2. c.
      Save the exported concepts in
    3. Add any missing calls to dataImporter.importData(...) in to load all files with the exported concepts.
    4. Set ReferenceMetadataConstants.METADATA_VERSION to a value higher by 1
    5. Remove packages containing concepts (if any) from and their declarations in
    6. Commit and push changes.
    7. Release the Reference Metadata Module with the version matching the release version of OpenMRS 2.x
  4. Release all modules to be included in the distribution
    1. Go to and look for SNAPSHOT dependencies
    2. Release all SNAPSHOT dependencies and update their versions in
    3. Make sure all declared versions of modules are the latest compatible versions
  5. Release the distribution from CI
    1. Go to
    2. Open the Check module versions task
    3. Make sure that the goal is changed from ${bamboo.checkVersions} to validate
    4. Click Save at the bottom
    5. Check the next build to make sure that it produced artifacts, which include modules in the declared versions
    6. Trigger the standalone build
    7. Download and
    8. Once you downloaded release artifacts you can revert the step c
  6. Publish artifacts and announce the release (see the Release Process page)


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