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inv-115 — Stockroom Page Transaction List Performance

inv-116 — Stockroom Operation List Performance

inv-117 — Stockroom Detail List Display Issues

inv-167 — Exception When Creating Operation with Expirable Stock without Expiration

inv-171 — Batch and Expiration Should Appear on Operation Item Lists

inv-173 — Extra Transactions Created When Fulfilling Operation with Negative Source Stock

inv-174 — Incorrect Item Stock Details when Adding to Existing Negative Item Stock

inv-175 — ObjectDeletedException when Negative Item Stock Detail is Deleted by Operation

inv-176 — Operation Type Not Limited to User on Operation Create Page

inv-177 — Operation Type Attributes Missing on Operation Creation Page

inv-178 — Inventory Reports page empty when forgetting to configure reports in inventory settings

inv-181 — Table columns too small (view operation/stockroom details etc)

inv-182 — Added items are not considered when creating operation

inv-183 — Set default search status for operations depending on AutoCompleteOperations property

inv-192 — Quantity field to small to display 4 digit numbers

inv-207 — NullPointerException when Reapplying Operations


inv-158 — Add the ability to Roll Back a Closed Operation

inv-184 — Show 'None' Expiration When Expirable Stock with No Expiration Exists

inv-189 — Restrict Ability to Submit an Operation Multiple Times

inv-194 — Provide item expiry report on inventory reports page so that pharmacists can run it

Usability Problem

inv-138 — Properly Handle Changes to Item Expiration

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