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Oct 20, 2014



  • Finish Allergies
  • Finish 1.11 ticket testing and get volunteers to assist with minor bug fixes

Discussion items


Wyclif Luyima

  • Wyclif is fixing minor issue on styling for RA-425 - Tech Debt: move inline css in allergies code to scss IN DEVELOPMENT 
OCL-CIELRafal Korytkowski
  • Currently behind on the UI
  • ToughtWorks will be joining todays design call to talk about web services for OCL
1.11Daniel Kayiwa & Wyclif Luyima
  • Wiki page for 1.11 sprint - Testing OpenMRS Platform 1.11 Release Tickets Sprint 3 - 2014
  • Testing is going on and we have more than half of the sprint targeted tickets tested
  • not many devs have turned up to help with review
  • Wyclif will be working on 1.11 testing with Daniel
  • Daniel & Wyclif should be able to have ticket testing done in 2-3 days
  • there are some tickets not assigned to this sprint but still need done - ~70 tickets
  • focus is not for fixing bugs but to just test the tickets to pass or fail them - believe less than 50 will need fixed and they seem very minor
  • planning next sprint to fix remaining bugs
  • Daniel will help Joesph get 1.11 sprint into agile board
  • Daniel would like to have volunteers help with ticket changes especially intro tickets
2.2Burke Mamlin & Darius Jazayeri
  • Steve Wanyee is looking for clarification on 2.2 roadmap - Burke and Darius will work on this
EbolaDarius Jazayeri
  • there are groups wanting to use OpenMRS for ebola treatment in facilities and clinics
  • Darius has been starting to look at what OpenMRS would look like for an ebola treatment unit
  • would like to have basic distribution for OpenMRS so we can guide volunteers or users on where to start learning about OpenMRS ebola treatment
  • Shasha will be becoming more of a volunteer in the next week or so and would like to help Darius with this while still full time
  • Darius will make a list of high level functionalities public
  • Server - dev test 03 as test server

Action items

  • Daniel Kayiwa will help Joesph get 1.11 sprint into agile board
  • Daniel Kayiwa & Wyclif Luyima should have 1.11 ticket testing done in 2-3 days
  • Daniel Kayiwa, as the swim lead, will reach out to the community for help with fixing ~50 tickets that need minor bug fixes
  • Burke Mamlin  will create a strawman today around expectations for core community projects and the community - Rafal and Nicholas will use this for the OCL-CEIL subscription module
  • Darius Jazayeri will get a list of high level functionalitites for Ebola treatment out on the wiki for public viewing
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