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General Sprint Information: 

Lead (Product Owner): Joseph Kaweesi

Developer Lead: Joseph Kaweesi
Known Contributors Assigned: OpenMRS active community members

Testing server URL:

  • User Name: admin

  • Password: Admin123

Tickets to be tested: 1.11 Release tickets on target for testing iteration 3

Source Code:


Sprint Start Date: Monday, 12/10/2014  (Third Iteration)
Sprint End Date:  Monday, 26/10/2014  (Third Iteration)

Sprint Goals: 

This is the third iteration in testing OpenMRS tickets that are on our plan for the 1.11 release, we now have a total of 100 tickets ready for testing in this sprint and welcome all contributors to be part, our goal is that each should test at-least one ticket each working day so then this implies that we shall be finished with testing these tickets in at-most 10 working days.


A ticket can be tested by more than one person to get more reliable feedbacks, feedback on specific tickets will be done at the ticket pages or on our feedback notes page.

Invited Participants

  1. Michael Downey
  2. Daniel Kayiwa
  3. Wyclif Luyima
  4. Burke Mamlin
  5. Rafał Korytkowski
  6. user-bc68e
  7. Harsha Kumara

How to Participate 

  • Register for an (OpenMRS Id ).

  • Begin straight away by checking out the list of tickets to be tested , you don't need to assign your self of any of them to do the testing.

  • After targeting any ticket, and visiting its url, read through it and be sure you know what is needed by the ticket,

  • Besides someone picking a ticket of their interest, the release manager will ensure to ping each contributor by his/her openmrs id in JIRA at-least a day before so that he plans on when to test the requested ticket before the given day passes.
  • Then confirm whether the fix was added as required from our live demo of OpenMRS 1.11 from here .

  • After confirming the fix, add "1.11-release-tested-pass" to label, otherwise  add "1.11-release-tested-fail"

  • For tickets that do not require any user interface testing, if you are a developer, take a quick glance at the commits and if they look good, just add the 1.11-release-tested-pass label and comment that you have reviewed. If the commits need some more work, add the 1.11-release-tested-fail label and comment accordingly.
  • You can also add any comment(s) to the ticket when necessary.

  • Feel free to do any other random testing for features which may not have tickets. Include your findings in the feedback notes page above.
  • Wishing you the best testing experience

During Project Notes for the sprint: 

After testing a ticket and you find it good for release, add a label named: 1.11-release-tested-pass

Otherwise if you find issues that need to be addressed, add a comment about your findings and a label named: 1.11-release-tested-fail

Sprint Retrospective:  

To be added after the end of each sprint. 

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