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Bundled modules

ModuleVersion in OpenMRS 2.1Version in OpenMRS 2.0
Allergy API1.0.1new
Allergy UI1.0new
App Framework2.2.12.1
App UI1.2.21.1
Core Apps1.31.2.1
Data Exchange1.21.1
EMR API1.41.1
Form Entry App1.0new
HTML Form Entry2.42.2.1
HTML Form Entry Extensions for OpenMRS 1.91.4same
HTML Form Entry UI Framework Integration1.11.0
HTML Widgets1.6.5same
ID Generation2.9.12.7
Metadata Mapping1.0.1same
Metadata Sharing1.1.8same
Name Phonetics1.4same
OpenMRS UI Framework3.2.1same
Provider Management2.1same
Reference Application2.1-SNAPSHOT1.0.1
Reference Demo Data (optional)1.11.0
Reference Metadata2.11.1
Registration App1.0same
Registration Core1.0same
Reporting REST1.3new
Rest Web Services2.6.9 d20162.4
Serialization Xstream0.2.7same
UI Commons1.31.2.1
UI Library2.0.4same

Closed issues

BugRA-403Export concepts preserving IDs for OpenMRS 2.1
StoryRA-401OpenMRS 2.1 should be based on OpenMRS Platform 1.10
BugRA-399Error when you click to "Find Patient Record": Cannot format given Object as a Date
StoryRA-397Top-level administrative apps
StoryRA-396Include a "sysadmin" user in the demo data
StoryRA-393Implementation-defined forms in Reference Application
StoryRA-392Disable Awaiting Admission app
StoryRA-391Remove reportingui from the refapp distro
StoryRA-390Disable Patient Relationships with a feature toggle
EpicRA-389Create upgrade path from OpenMRS 2.0 to OpenMRS 2.1
ImprovementRA-387Core Apps: Improve patient dashboard header to display multiple identifiers if exist for an extra patient identifier type
BugRA-380Active Vists displays incorrectly in Firefox
BugRA-379User session location is not updated when changed
ImprovementRA-378Remove superfluous RA home heading
StoryRA-375Include Atlas in OpenMRS Distribution
ImprovementRA-363[Tech] Refactor app context model to be closer to our ideal representation
StoryRA-362[Tech] fragment that includes and renders all extensions for an extension point
StoryRA-356Find Patient app template in core apps should be configurable with breadcrumbs
BugRA-351Fix Reference Metadata build
StoryRA-347Tech Story: Add list of allergens and reactions
BugRA-343Include Process HL7 task
StoryRA-328Create static demo data for the reference application
ImprovementRA-324Core Apps: EncounterDispositionTagHander: Admission disposition should not be allowed if a patient is already admitted
ImprovementRA-322Core Apps module should not rely on the activeVisit being injected by the appui module
EpicRA-304Implementation-defined forms should be available through the RA user interface
StoryRA-271Modules should be able to add content to the clinician facing patient dashboard

Closed issues in modules

App Framework

StoryAF-30Create new AppContextModel
New FeatureAF-31App Framework should support use of an external configuration file for enabling/disabling apps
New FeatureAF-32Extension bean should have setters for all properties
BugAF-33When a module defines an AppFrameworkFactory, this should not overwrite existing apps
New FeatureAF-34AppUI: AppUiArgumentProvider should support Patient referenced by uuid
New FeatureAF-35Allow "negated" feature toggle tests in app and extension json configuration
New FeatureAF-36Better evaluation of url templates
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