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Aug 09, 2014



  • Update on the Allergy Sprint
  • Review progress on  RA-332 - Getting issue details... STATUS  spike 
  • 1.10 update
  • 1.11 update
  • Remaining September Goals
  • Review of  RA-328 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • OCL-CIEL Subscription Module
  • Work Process Progress

Discussion items

 Allergy Sprint Update
  • We need to get others (volunteers) beyond soldev on this sprint to keep pace
  • Need testers, currently doing all the testing
  • Expectations over the next week
    • More tickets in development
    • Daniel Kayiwa RA-330 - Getting issue details... STATUS complete? Ready for test?
      • Don't need a specific update really on this ticket but an update on the tickets that are ready for test.


  RA-332 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
  • Darius Jazayeri and Burke Mamlin with Jakub's help will move this to 2.1 as there is more work than expected in this.
  • More discussions to happen later.
 1.10 Update 
  • Still have performance tickets to complete
  • A new version of 1.10 should be released to production
  • Goal would be to release late next week.
  • 4 tickets are currently open in the release

 1.11 Update 
  • Not many volunteers to help with testing
  • Currently about half way done, but looking like we will come short of complete
  • There are tickets that have been tested and some have failed so there is also additional work to be done there.
  • It will take new volunteer effort or reallocated core dev time to resolve this issue.
  • Daniel Kayiwa to help build a list for us to help communicate testing needs
 September Goals 
  • Status Update to stay in 2.1
    • CEIL Dictionary drop down in priority several steps
    • Improvements and permissions should drop
    • Form Entry, moves up
    • Reporting, moves up
    • Allergies stays
  • 2.2
    • CEIL Dic to 2.2
    • Improvement and permissions
  • Needs a new developer as the previous one seems to have unassigned himself.

OCL-CIEL Subscription Module

  • Will need design call amount time
  • Work will be assigned soon
  • Rafal Korytkowski might need to lead or put his effort into this in some way
  • Expectation 2.2
  • Nice to have: Design by September

 Work Process 

Development Work Flows

  • Make sure we add a BA section to help get some TW best practices in. Make sure we get some documentation or suggestions from Shasha Liu


Action items

  • Shasha Liu and Daniel Kayiwa - Keep track on progress on this sprint, is there a backlog in the "ready to test column" etc
  • Wyclif Luyima Place 1.10 into Production - Discuss this with the Bahmani team to see if they are ready
  • Daniel Kayiwa get a list together of outstanding 1.11 issues to help push them to test the issue.  So that we can get their organization to help resolve.
  • Burke MamlinWyclif LuyimaDarius Jazayeri, and Chris Power to discuss how to find leaders for the work on Road map work.
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