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<html><head><title></title></head><body>* Process of adding concepts to the dictionary

  • Questions about how to code particular types of observations
    • e.g. "patient has previously been exposed to AZT, from 1/15/2003 to 9/3/2003"
      • Would the proper way be like this? ("previous exposure" -> "AZT") + ("from date" -> "1/15/2003") + ("to date" -> "9/3/2003")
        • We can discuss this...Paul will definitely have his 2¢ to add. I would imagine something like the following linked by value_group_id -Burke
          • START DATE → 2003-01-15
          • END DATE → 2003-09-03
        • Alternatively, you could make more specific concepts for dates — e.g., PRIOR ANTIRETROVIAL START DATE.
  • PIH's revised (faster) rollout timeline
    • Data Model changes
    • Data migration tools
    • Simple cohort management
    • Simple PDF reporting (using existing code)
    • Scheduling emails (e.g. weekly reports)
    • Offline data entry
    • User account management (i.e. let users request accounts, and let admins approve them)
  • RG quick comments on the "install"
    • AMRS is up 'n' running
    • Immediate to-do's facing us
      • Parsing data and populating tables
      • Data edit features
      • Improved form management
      • Improved form submit and close
  • TODO
    • RG to list wish list for offline data entry


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