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Configuration Section:

The configuration section for showing where on the local server the official international release files are stored.

Import SNOMED CT Content Section

Add Names:

Adds names to the existing SNOMED CT reference terms in the database. For instance, looks in the SNOMED data files to see if there is a name to match concept reference terms that only have codes

Add Ancestors:

Finds parents, grandparents, etc, for the concept reference terms that have a SNOMED CT source in the database and adds them as a new concept reference term if they do not exist

Add Relationships:

Maps the relationships between the SNOMED CT concept reference terms in the system that are found in the SNOMED CT international release files

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  1. In the latest version of openmrs currently 2.2, the option to import snomed ct is missing. Does anybody know if function in the module is still supposed to be working?