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<html><head><title></title></head><body>attendees: Darius, Christian, Justin, Paul, Ben, Burke

  • Overview of past week from PIH
    • Looking at notes/alerts/messaging/etc and have a plan for modeling
    • Darius working with reporting code
  • Alerts and notifications
    • Separate message and alerts
    • Alerts as "user-flagged errors" and notes similar
    • Notes service
      • Notes attached to objects (observation/patient/etc)
      • Some notes will need action/confirmation (ala "Alerts") and other won't
      • note_recipient table to track delivery/actions/etc
      • ?note_type to provide templates, possible actions, etc.
    • Message service
      • for unconfirmed messages (internal or external)
      • API will basically be a "sendMessage(who, subject, message)" function
      • user_properties will specify the e-mail address, pager #, etc. for each possible message "medium"
        • keys for user_properties will need to be formalized similar to the Java way of doing them — e.g., "org.openmrs.api.MessageService.openmrsEmailAddress"
        • keys should be placed on the User Properties wiki page
  • Paul talked about order modeling


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