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16 April 2009

In Attendance

  • Mike Seaton
  • Ben Wolfe
  • Brian McKown
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Paul Biondich
  • Sam Mbugua



  • Google Summer of Code
    • Will announce accepted applicants on Monday
    • Will need to prepare students to be ready to start
      • IRC meeting with students?
      • Basics of OpenMRS for new students
  • Discussion of Metadata
    • Concept_description void or retire?
      • Does not implement OpenMRS metadata - is a child of metadata.
      • Could void because it's not attributable to Patient Data.
      • Technically should probably retire?
      • Implement an OpenMRS Object or ... ?
      • archive:TRAC-1388
      • It is convenient for all OpenMRS metadata to have getName()
      • Is Field_answer metadata? No... it's more of a mapping table...not needed to keep around.
        • Should void it (Burke). Ben says we should retire it?
        • FieldAnswer implements OpenmrsObject?
    • Metadata:
      • If we need to longitudinally collect the data.
        • ConceptAnswer and FieldAnswer are not metatadata because there is no reason to store the data longitudinally.
      • Actually stored or referenced in patient data.
      • Needs to have name and description properties.
    • All metadata will have a UUID.
    • Every Service should have a "save" method.
    • ConceptAnswer - Not metadata
    • User - Is Data (not metadata).
      • NOT OpenmrsMetadata (should not get 'retired'):
        • ConceptMap
        • ConceptNameTag
        • ConceptProposal
        • ConceptDescription
        • ConceptSet
        • FieldAnswer
      • IS OpenmrsMetadata (will get 'retired')
        • ConceptSource
        • ConceptClass
        • ConceptComplex
        • ConceptDatatype
        • ConceptName
      • Argument to be metadata is that provider is to encounter as location is to encounter.
    • Are there other classes that we want to be metadata that have no business having a name or description?
    • TODO: Look through remaining Objects and decide whether they should be Data or Metadata.
      • Who can do this? Asignee of archive:TRAC-1388, joutsource?
      • Mike has good idea to have an OpenMRS Object that has a name and description. Extend the Object.
      • OpenmrsObject
      • OpenmrsData - clinical information
      • OpenmrsMetadata - (see metadata)
      • RetirableMetadata - OpenmrsMetadata that has a name and description
      • TODO: Call what we consider metadata as "OpenmrsMetadata"
  • Logging
    • SearchKeyLogging module can log
    • Right now if you set logging on "info", every save() method gets logged.
    • Should have log entry for every time a Concept is saved. Should also log get() methods to watch who looked at what clinical data.
      • TODO: Ben will make this a ticket for the logging module.
  • Auditable (OpenmrsMetadata should be Auditable)
    • Creator
    • Date Created
    • ChangedBy
    • Date Changed
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