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Primary mentor

Jonathan Cummins

Backup mentor

Burke Mamlin

Assigned to

Zhaslan Doschanov


One of the most useful aspects of an electronic medical record system is data retrieval. While OpenMRS has some mature tools for data collection and reporting, we still need a good tool for rapid perusal of patient data. Jonathan Cummins has created a Chart Search tool for Regenstrief that uses SOLR to provide powerful, sub-second Google-like searching of a patient's record. The goal of this project is to build the first version of Chart Search for the OpenMRS platform.

Project Champions

Burke Mamlin


  • Create a Chart Search module for OpenMRS
  • Embed Apache Lucene for indexing of documents
  • Create a process to index all patient data (visits, encounter, observations)
  • Create an initial UI for searching and filtering patient data

Extra Credit

  • Model the addition of data to the index in a manner that allows other modules to contribute their data
  • Create a migration pathway for people starting with Chart Search and embedded Lucene to migrate to a separate SOLR server


1 Comment

  1. Hello. I know this is cutting it a little close, but I'm very interesting in participating in this project for GSoC. I'm a 4th year BSc student who will be returning to do some post-graduate work in computer science, and I find the idea of working improving chart searching very interesting . I've been reading up on SOLR and working on some ideas for the proposal already, and would be more than happy to get started working on this.