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18 April 2013

How To Join

Contact Unknown User (jthomas) for more information on how to join the call.


  • Executive Director Role
  • Rwanda Update
  • Call Time Discussion
  • Reference Application Update

Meeting Minutes

View at


  • Paul Biondich
  • Hamish Fraser
  • Jamie Thomas
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Chris Seebregts
  • Andy Kanter
  • Burke Mamlin


  • Executive Director Role
  • Rwanda Update
  • Call Time Discussion
  • Reference Application Update


  • Executive Director Role
    • Paul will be putting up a wiki page about his role and its focus
    • Main Areas
      • Oversite and Managment of Non-for-profit
        • Will be getting a letter from the IRS any day now with questions to respond to
        • Setting up bank account
        • Setting up accounting firm
        • Setting up basic contract template
        • Working on insurance
          • Paul does not see being the Executive Director after 2-3 years so that someone with different skills and focus can help to make OpenMRS grow. (spend 4-5 hours a week on this role itself, not community work, calls, etc.)
      • Help Develop Community Leadership Structure and Activities
        • Believe having a collection of community roles and responsibilities that will grow over time
        • Think we need to work towards a structure of having lieutenants under the core leaders for support and growth
        • Would like to see more mechanisms for people who are not developers to grow into roles of responsibility - strategically placed internships?
        • Have a process to help support and oversee the leadership
      • Strategic Planning for Community
        • There are overarching strategic activities that need assistance to be driven
        • Help to assist in driving the Community Road Map forward
        • Fund Raising
          • Hamish and I have been looking at ways to attack fund raising from different angles; partnership side, key foundational support, philanthropies that are looing to support our area of focus
          • Look at making new contacts/relationships through networking and leveraging our exsisiting relationships
      • Networking
        • Serving in the capacity of representing OMRS at events
        • Particlular role at the implementers meeting as being the face of OMRS
  • Rwanda Update
  • Reference Application Update
    • Yesterday was first Reference Applicaiton meeting with Wyclif, Rafal, TW
    • The idea is to bring them on the Mirebalis calls so the can learn, disucss/developp and approach, and break off on their own.
  • Current Leadership Call Time
    • Thursday 2pm - Does this time work with peoples schedule?
    • Chris - Would prefer it during working hours, AM hours US.
    • Hamish - Not a bad time for me. Can do 8 or 9 sometime during the week.
    • Andy - This time works for me and Friday's are a bit free.
    • Day of the week less travel? Hard to predict
    • TODO: Jamie will send out doodle poll
    • Make sure doodle poll take care of the time change
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