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This documentation refers to an old version of Address Hierarchy Module.

User Guide

  • Load and start the AddressHierarchy module.
  • Default location types will

    Sub Location 1
    Sub Location 2
    Sub Location 3
    Sub Location 4
    Sub Location 5
    Sub Location 6
    Sub Location 7
    Sub Location 8
    Postal Code

  • User can use the default ones or can rename as per their needs. User can edit it in Hierarchy Management link in the Administration page.
  • User can now go to Address Hierarchy Tree link in the Administration page to create locations.
  • Wait till the page loads. When the page loads completely user can start adding the location by Right clicking the "Start" and select "Add Location Component". A popup will appear.
  • The Address Type is filled automatically and if user wishes he can change it.
  • User can add as many as locations he needs in the space provided and click "Add".
  • Locations are now added.
  • If user wants to create locations under a particular location (Example: if user wants to add States under Country), Right Click on the particular country and select "Add Location Components" and add the states and click "Add".
  • To rename a component just Right Click on it and select "Edit Location Component". A popup will appear just enter the name you need and click "Ok". The name will be changed immediately.
  • If user wants to delete a location, just Right Click on the location type and select "Delete Location Component". A confirm popup will appear and click "Ok" to delete the location and "Cancel" to abort the deletion.
  • When user creates a new patient record user will be given a drop down facility to select patient's location.
  • User has to pick the locations one by one in the hierarchy order. If user does not finds the location (Example: A city is missing under the States) then user can use the text box adjacent to the Drop down box to fill it and continues by adding the other following components in the text boxes.
  • When user views a patient record in the Demographics section the address of the patient is listed in the order of preference.
  • If user wishes to edit the address, click on the "Edit this Patient" link in the same page.
  • User will be given drop down boxes again. Now user clicks the top hierarchy component (Example: Country)select box and selects "Load".
  • All the locations are loaded and user can pick it up one by one. If a location component is not found user can use the text box to add it and it sub locations.
  • When user deletes all locations from the tree user has to click the "Reload Tree" button once to refresh the tree.
  • Example

Administration Page

Management Hierarchy Page

Hierarchy Tree Start.

Popup to add locations.

Context menu or Right click menu for the tree.

Popup to change the name.

Confirmation alert for delete.

New Patient form.

Patient Dashboard.

Patient Form

Trouble Shooting

  • If user by mistake deletes the tables related to the module follow these steps to get things corrected.

    1) Go to Admin Settings (formerly Global Properties from platform 1.8 downwards) page.
    2) Remove the two Settings (formerly Global Property from platform 1.8 downwards) (addresshierarchy.database_version and addresshierarchy.started)
    3) Remove the module.
    4) Redeploy the module.
    5) If the tables are not created please redeploy the module after restarting the server.
    6) Now the tables are created.

  • If user feels the tree is malfunctioning then user can just click the "Reload Tree" button to refresh the tree and which will fix the problems.
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