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About this calendar

This is a community-managed calendar. Please add any OpenMRS-related events, including training events, related conferences or meetings, or other dates of interest to the OpenMRS community, to this calendar.

How to subscribe to this calendar

  • Use the iCal format to add to your calendar with this link:
  • If you are using an account, you can search for "OpenMRS Calendar" in your calendar.

How to add events to this calendar

  • If you have an account, you may be able to add events using that account at
  • If you do not have access to add or update an event on the calendar, please ask for help on IRC or send an email to with details about the event or needed changes, asking for it to be added or updated on the OpenMRS Calendar. We're happy to give access to anyone who needs to routinely add or update events on the community calendar.
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  1. How do I subscribe to the calendar?

    1. I've got the same question. I want to have it in my google calendar.

    2. A subscription link is available by choosing Calendar from your "name" menu in the upper right of any logged-in page on the wiki.

      You can add existing Confluence calendars to your "personal" page and choose "Subscribe" from the drop-down menu on the list of calendars in the right column.

      1. Thanks Michael! It's helpful, but still no way to export. Buu for Confluence calendars :( Back to proved copy & paste strategy.

        1. Above method is for subscribing to the "live" calendar from another system. To export an ICS file for a 1-time import into another system, you can choose "Export to iCalendar" from the same menu.

          More information from Atlassian:

          1. Cool, it worked! Thanks for the link! It's not intuitive at all.

  2. I heard from Atlassian today that there it's not possible to subscribe successfully with Google Calendar at this time. We now have a feature request to ensure that works in the near future - I'd encourage anyone interested to vote on it!

    1. FYI I used one time import as you suggested. The subscription by URL did not work indeed, but our calendar does not change that often, does it? :)

  3. Making Sunday the first day of the week in calendars

    I just discovered that Confluence Team Calendars follow user language preference.  So, those of us in the U.S. who grew up with Sunday as the first day of the week on our calendars can get Team Calendars with Sunday on the left by going to Confluence → Settings and changing Language from "Automatically detect browser setting" to "English (United States)."  Yay!