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Release date:  Before the End of 2022

Theme: To be communicated

Note: This platform release requires at least a minimum of Java / OpenJDK 1.8 and MySQL 5.6 and Tomcat 8.5+ to run properly.

What's New?

This release is OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0 and is a major release version of the OpenMRS API that follows 2.5.8. It contains many under-the-hood updates to have a more modern tech stack and security fixes.

Release Manager(s):  herman muhereza and Namanya Abert   with support from Daniel Kayiwa 

Fixes/Features - Resolved

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Release Notes - OpenMRS Core - Version Core 2.6.0

Repository Location

New features with bundled modules

Community Input

Special thanks goes to everyone that has contributed greatly to this particular version of platform. Thanks Daniel Kayiwa Ian Bacher Mike Seaton Burke Mamlin  for the technical guidance , platform team talk, design and business analysis,  development and other aspects involved in ensuring this version introduces new features and fixes to the prior versions released. 

Goes without saying, thanks to the whole OpenMRS community and the various developers who worked on the various tickets to be included in this release Ian Bacher  Christopher Miiro   Himabindu Akkinepalli Mike Seaton   Namanya Abert Saurabh Nigam   Wikum Weerakutti Rafal Korytkowski kimote Hillary  Nsereko Joshua Mark Goodrich  Testers from the QA Team for automating Some tests Sharif Magembe Kakumirizi DaudChristine Gichuki Irene Nyakate  Juliet Wamalwa and the Entire QA Team , Grace Potma for interfacing with MFE squad , Ian Bacher   Piotr Mankowski  from the Fhir squad.

Bundled Modules

Bundled OWAs

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