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Current State Resources

Backend support and metadata upload support already exist. This feature has been very widely used in existing OMRS implementations around the world. 

Visuals to know

Current State in SmartCare-Ethiopia: Current State in RefApp 2.x:  (PIH-Haiti Registration Form Example)Proposed Mockup

Notice that this OMRS-EMR was able to customize the names of the regions

(eg Department, Commune, etc)

Use Cases

Addresses are needed in several places - note the following Use Cases:

  • For the Patient: At registration
  • For the Patient: In a form
  • For a contact of the Patient: At registration (eg emergency contact)
  • For a contact of the Patient: In a form (eg Sexual Partner Contact Tracing form)

So, this widget needs to be able to handle collecting either Patient or non-patient information, in either registration or in a form. Discussion on Form-Embeddable Widget here: __________

Acceptance Criteria

  • Can collect address info on pt or on a contact (who may or may not already exist in the system)

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