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(aka Service Delivery Queues & Clinic Workflow Queue & Clinic Dashboard improvements)


Goal: A 'snapshot' of active visits and patient priority levels. Goal is to improve clinic workflows / service delivery queues, and team communication, starting with Outpatient clinic workflows. 

State of this Project as of 2021-12-17

  • Extensive User Testing with multiple personas completed, with users and input from Ampath, PIH, Mekom
  • Design Handover completed
  • Palladium leading frontend app development; Ampath/Brown providing backend development
    • UX Lead & Point of Contact for design questions: 
    • PM/BA Lead: 
      • BA/requirements and acceptance input from: 
    • Dev Lead:
      • Devs:
      1. Administrative
        1. Agree on/identify where to put code
          1. Likely use
        2. Does everyone have Zeplin accounts and knows how to use Zeplin?
        3. Jira Ticket Creation
        4. Timelines
        5. How will we do Sprint Cycles/Planning
        6. Meeting Times: Standups/demos
    • Set technical scoping session date: _____



      1. Dev Workplan: Scope into parts/epics
        1. Who will lead each epic? How many team members per epic? 
        2. Suggested Epics
          1. Frontend 
    • Architecture and planning - “where things go”
    • Route
    • Pages
    • Slots - UI components
          1. Queues
          2. Patient Chart Status Changer
          3. Enhanced Patient Search

    1. Backend
      1. Patient Queue Queue API
      2. Metadata and concepts

Other Resources

Historical Community Documentation on Queues: 

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