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  • Jennifer

1. Reviewing the getting started templates.

  • Dictionary Manager Squad
  • QA Support Team

2. November priorities

  • QA Support Team: finalize the user guide for QA+1
  • GSoD Case Study/Project Journey +1
  • Dictionary Manager Squad: creating the three folders+1
  • Squad documentation on ticket management/process +2
  • Continue to engage with people from squads/teams to help with documentation +2
  • FHIR Squad project page/getting started documentation +1
  • Frontend Squad project page deployment
  • Monthly Documentation Workshop: Kaylin will have more details in an upcoming meeting

3. Meeting times in November, DST

TO DO: Challenge

1. What is the flight path for those who want to use openmrs?
2. What is the flight path for those who want to implement openmrs?

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