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This template is meant to be used as a base for all future project pages. It was created to ensure project pages are consistent in their structure and presentation, to ease user ability to sort through relevant information. Ideally, the leads of team or squads can utilize this template when creating a page for their project, with occasional upkeep as the project changes over time.

The project page template begins with the About section, then concludes with the Meet the Members section. Under each headline is a brief explanation for what content will exist there, which should be removed from the final project page.

When copying this template to use for a project, remove this README. Also remove any Notes that are added to clarify aspects of the template.


The format of this template is meant to be flexible enough that most information for a project has a relevant section to be placed. However, customization is also allowed on the part of the editor in order to include additional resources, sections, or visual additions.

If there is no content that can be added to a section and the section would be left empty, that section's header should be removed from the project page entirely. If the editor wants to create an entirely new section for their page, that is also acceptable. New sections should be added underneath the Background section but above the How to Join section. All section headlines should use Heading 2, while subsection headlines should use Heading 3. Text will be standard Paragraph format.

Utilize the Widgets feature to implement visual elements that add flair to your project page when necessary.

Even for pages with dense content, avoid using a double or multi column layout for the page except for convenient methods of information management. See the How to Join section as an example.

Any notes that are added later in the template should be removed.


This section will be the most basic overview of the project. Ideally this section should only be a few sentences but may require more detail to properly explain the project. It should also list the activity status of the project beneath any descriptions or content.


Note: Copy one of the above colored blocks to indicate activity status. You should never use multiple status blocks on one page.

How does this project fit in with the strategy?

This section elaborates more on the project’s goals relating to how they align with OpenMRS’ goals. Consult the Collaboration Opportunities Dashboard to describe the greater implications and importance to the project. There are additional subsections that can be filled out when relevant to the project. Overall, the idea is to show how advancements with the project can help OpenMRS move forward with expansion of healthcare systems.

Community Strategy

OpenMRS Product Advance

Health Information Systems

Frontline Healthcare Workers


This is an optional section that can include important context or prerequisites needed to either understand the scope of the project, or any necessary tools/skills needed to help with tasks. This section should also link to any prerequisite user guides from the OpenMRS Wiki.

How to Join

This will provide links and schedules for new users interested in joining the team. It should provide the recommended communication platforms, as well as the team’s meeting schedule. It is formatted in the example below. Empty links can be omitted.

Weekly Meeting Information

When: Routine meeting date and time, ex: Mondays at 10:30pm IST | 8pm Nairobi | 7pm Cape Town | 5pm UTC | 1pm Boston | 10am Seattle

  • Try to accommodate for all relevant time zones
  • Include a Google Calendar link

Where: Hyperlink to online meeting

Notes: Hyperlink to routine meeting notes

Other Meeting Resources

Talk: Hyperlink

Slack channel: #channel

GitHub: Link to Git page

Website Board/Additional Forum: Additional site link

Note: Hyperlinks should be formatted as "(Website/tool) link for (function)", ex: Zoom link for computer or desktop.

How to Contribute

Once a new user has completed prerequisites and joined the relevant communication channels, he or she will be ready to begin contributing. This section will include links to team forums in which members can edit, create, or contribute, such as Jira.

Useful Resources

Somewhat similar to Background but can be oriented towards auxiliary content or miscellaneous tutorials. From the user's perspective, content here should not be mandatory for contributing, but can assist in their understanding of the project or their ability to perform different tasks.

Meet the Members

Finally, member information. This will include the project’s leaders, or any other noteworthy members, sorted by their role and given contact information. It is important to maintain a distinction between teams and squads. All contact tables should be conveyed using the same format. Currently being used is this table below. The left column indicates the different positions, and the corresponding right columns will list the tags of all active members holding those positions.

Project Owner

@Sue Shi


@Hugh Saturation @Ben Evalent @Sir Cumference


@Elon Gated @Malcolm Function

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