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Grace Potma, Grace Nakiguli, Jennifer Antilla, Juliet Wamalwa, Vineet Sharma, Daniel Kayiwa, Kakumirizi Daud, Mugwanya Nassar, AchileP,


1. GSOC 2021 updates

  • More attention has been on looking at the different proposals and where they can be applied, who will be the Primary and backup mentors.

2. OCL updates

  • OCL API is ready

3. Review CI builds

4. Documentation updates

  • Still awaiting for feed from Google by 16th/ 04/ 2021.
  • Kaylin Bracy has been updating our wiki pages. She is now working on the Showcase slides.

5. PM dashboard

  • Graveyard project is on going, tickets are set to automatically close if they take over a year without being updated.

6. QA updataes

7.Microfront end updtaes

  • Working on the getting started guide. Focused more on the Videos to be attached to the guide.
  • Still have a challenge on the Demo App due to lack of dedicated developers

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