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Our Vision for Community Engagement

We envision an engaged, coordinated community where members are invested in professional growth and client-driven solutions
We work to foster a diverse, inclusive environment where community members can easily consume, champion, and/or collaborate on initiatives, solutions, and topics that benefit country-level, OpenMRS implementations.
Top 3 Strategic Priorities for Community Engagement

To achieve this vision, we need Strategic Priorities that will guide us over the next 5 years and set us in the right direction. Our top 3 Strategic Directions are:

Projects Underway to Support Strategic Priorities

Status Legend

BIG GAPS = Progressing slowly; large need for additional support (in-kind, funded, etc)

GAPS = Progress will accelerate if specific needs are addressed.

HEALTHY = Project has good support; progressing at a good pace. More resources always welcome. 

1: Visible pathways to partner and contribute to community priorities

We aim to

1)  deliver greater visibility into community direction and how they relate to trends in the ecosystem, and

2) make it easy to contribute and collaborate to the initiatives with the most meaning for contributors and impact for our clients.


Investment & Coordination

A framework for linking community direction and initiatives to strategic priorities in the ecosystem, serving as an investment roadmap for key stakeholders

Strategic Framework for  Investment & Coordination


Strategy + Operations Team

Easy Contribution & Collaboration

Publish dashboards that highlight current opportunities for individuals and organizations to contribute to technical and non-technical projects

Product Dashboard

Community Engagement Dashboard


Strategy + Operations Team

2: Bolster community and country technical capacity

We aim to expand access to opportunities and resources that will grow the technical capacity of countries, OpenMRS partners, and community members.


Access to Standard OpenMRS Training Material

Publish and support expansion of OpenMRS Academies

Packaging OpenMRS Fundamentals Academy


Technical Skills Development Team
OpenMRS Training Resource Library


Technical Skills Development Team
Supporting country-level OpenMRS | OHRI Developer & Implementer Tracks


OpenMRS | OHRI Hackathon Team
Developing OpenMRS 3.0 | OHRI Developers Track


OpenMRS | OHRI Hackathon Team
OpenMRS Academy CertificationNot StartedTechnical Skills Development Team

Filling the Contributor Pipeline

Create professional growth, leading to movement in our pipeline of mid-level contributors

OpenMRS Fellowship Program


Strategy & Operations Team

Expanding Competency-Based OpenMRS Stages for Professional Development


OpenMRS Fellowship Mentors
Google Summer of Code 2021


GSOC Admin Team

3: Targeted, meaningful engagement

We aim to spur contributions and collaboration through targeted, meaningful engagement and communication.


Recognizing Opportunity and Achievement

Amplify solutions, achievements, and events happening in the community

Community Meetings (OMRS21, Showcases, etc)


Global Events Team

Expand Recognition Program


Onboarding and Retention

Attract and retain individual contributors


Publish a series of guides to onboard and steer new or existing contributors and supporting organizations

OpenMRS Flight Paths

Guide for the New & Curious

Improved Project Page Template

Getting Started Guides





Documentation Team

Engage with partners to address critical community talent gapsOpenMRS Partner Model & Guide


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