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Our wiki and project management has moved to Raxa JSS EMR

The Raxa JSS EMR is an information management system ("Raxa") designed for and to be initially implemented at the Jan Swasthya Sahyog (JSS), a healthcare non-governmental organization (NGO) working in a largely rural, underserved community in India.

Project Background

This project is an open source initiative to enhance care delivery, administration, quality improvement, research and patient access at JSS by digitizing information as it currently flows in its rural hospital and community outreach programs.  It is being created using free, open source tools and is available for anyone's usage in India and beyond.

JSS Background

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Unknown macro: {td} Jan Swasthya Sahyog is a voluntary, non-profit, registered society founded by a group of health professionals committed to developing a low-cost and effective health program that provides both preventive and curative services in the tribal and rural areas of Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh state in central India.
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Please visit our contributors page here

Important Events

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Weekly Meetings

Raxa-JSS Weekly Meeting

Source Code

You can view our source code as it is contributed here (FishEye) and on GitHub (

We license our code under the Apache 2.0 Software License.

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  1. This is awesome!  Good luck to you guys...