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Welcome. What are you looking for?

world STRATEGY: Top 3 Directions    

three-column RAPID ROADMAP: New, Now, and Next      

people DETAILS: Key Projects & How to Get Involved 


This Product Dashboard is a dynamic, changing space that is open to feedback. The intent is a home-base where anyone, especially day-to-day Implementers interested in the OMRS roadmap, can see at a glace some key initiatives going on around the OpenMRS community: what's happening, who's putting resources in, what needs more support, and where there are specific opportunities to contribute support/investment.

Short Link to this page:

We are working on a clearer process for this. For now: project contributors are encouraged to update this page, though responsibility for ensuring this is a fair, up-to-date reflection of current community work rests with the OMRS Director of Product. Reach out to Grace Potma; we’d love to hear from you and better understand your initiative so we can broadcast your amazing work! We also regularly review this page in the OMRS Technical Action and Strategy & Operations Committees, to help everyone be on a similar page about key work moving our community forward closer to our strategic priorities. 

Our Platform & Product Vision

We work together in a global fight to improve health care. Tech is one tool we use to bring better care to patients, the providers who care for them, and the organizations who steward health resources. This means the tech we develop together must do the following: 

  1. For Patients: Ensure patients get the right, timely, and appropriate care
  2. For Health Workers: Provide health workers with timely, accurate, and complete information
  3. For Organizations: Give organizations data to improve the efficiency and quality of care delivery

Top 3 Strategic Directions for our Product

To achieve this vision, we need Strategic Directions that will guide us over the next 5 years and set us in the right direction. Our top 3 Strategic Directions are:

Rapid Roadmap

(tick) Done

Recent Work Completed

(plus) Now

What We're Working on Today

(lightbulb) Next

Next Priorities*

Pt Care & User Experience (via the 3.x Frontend re-do)

Adopted Carbon Design

Updated 3.x Frontend to use 3rd party design system. Result: Faster design & development outputs. 

Share Frontend Widgets with Plug-and-Play Architecture 

Microfrontend framework completed; enables implementers to re-use others' frontend features. 

3.x Guide for Developers

Step by step guide to the new Design System & Microfrontend architecture. Will help Devs implement 3.x for their org, or contribute to Squad.

(star) 3.0.0 Demo Launch (star)

Q3 Goal = end to end outpatient workflow launched online for public use & experimentation. Includes:

  • Offline Mode for CHWs
  • Patient Lists & Queuing
  • Lab Results interactive viewer
  • Drug Orders
  • Full featured outpatient chart (e.g. Medication History, Immunizations, past Visit Notes view, and more)

3.0.1: Performance

Focus on enhancing 3.x frontend performance & load times

Dispensing Module

2.x & 3.x UI to enable Pharmacists to mark drugs and fully or partially dispensed. 

Clinic Workflow Queue & Clinic Dashboard improvements

User Research, Design & Testing to give a 'snapshot' of clinic, improve clinic workflows / service delivery queues, and user to-do lists. 

NCD Use Cases

User Research, Designs, & Testing to validate and prepare EMR for NCD care context. E.g. NCD-specific widgets and sections of Patient Chart.


3.x UI to send and receive referrals. 


Ampath 3.x Live Test (Kenya): End to End Testing with Outpatient HIV Clinicians (Q 3)


Ampath 3.x Pilot (Kenya): 3.0 Go-Live at large HIV Outpatient Clinic (Q4-Q1)

Fast Deployment

Dictionary Manager webapp (aka OCL for OpenMRS)

MVP live for production use. See: Intro video; and demo video

Lighter Deployment

Simpler deployment packaging (3.x RefApp will use a much lighter-weight set of modules)

Implementer Tool: EMR Setup UI for Non-Tech folks

Non-tech users can set up a 3.x EMR in a friendly, no-code UI, similar to designing a website.

3.x OpenMRS Forms: Form Management for Non-Tech folks

A new Form Builder & Form Engine for OpenMRS, using open source code used by OpenMRS implementer for 5+ years. Allow non-coders to set up clinical forms. 

EMR Content Packages

A way to add content (forms, concepts, custom widgets etc) to easily add new program areas to your EMR (e.g. Maternity Package)

Data Exchange

FHIR Module Upgrade 

Added support for Immunizations.
Note: The FHIR Module already enables the export of OpenMRS data into FHIR format, to help integrate with other systems use FHIR. 

DHIS2 Connector Module

Posts aggregate data from OpenMRS to DHIS2, and gives implementers a User Interface for an easier-to-set-up OMRS to DHIS2 pipeline, that doesn’t need manual code fixes every time there’s a change to reporting indicators. Fixed so this can work in production systems, added automatic data sending, and added support for custom period types.


Scale-ready ETL Pipeline to FHIR-based tools: Ampath pilot of Analytics Engine.

Mass Synthetic Data Generator

Auto-generation of 1-100,000 Outpatient HIV patients

Maintenance & Core Support Needed to Unlock the Above (Make it possible for implementers to build their features)


Thorough Test Coverage: Live OpenMRS QA Dashboard

Automated Workflow Tests applied throughout products

Platform 2.5 Release

  • Support for Tomcat 7-9.
  • Make Orders, Allergies, Diagnoses, and PatientState form recordable and encounter-able. 
  • Administration via REST. 
  • User settings: store larger strings in DB.
  • Groundwork for future ReferralOrders support. 

Support for Improved Cohorts

Simplification of Cohort Module; adding support for user access control; support for dynamic vs static use cases.

RefApp 2.12 Release

38 of 42 modules updated. Includes the SPA module that unlocks Microfrontend capability.

Additional Security Automated Test Coverage

Timeline estimates (e.g. Q1/Q2/H1/H2 etc) are subject to dynamically changing resources in our opensource community. They refer to 2021, and the calendar year timeline, with Q1 ending when April begins.

Key Projects

HEALTHY = Good support; progressing well.  |  GAPS = Unmet needs slowing progress.  |   BIG GAPS = Slow; +++ unmet needs.

Questions that must be clear before a project can be added here

  1. Priority: Does it directly address the top 3 Strategic Themes?
  2. Impact: Does it have a meaningful impact on a Strategic Theme, for implementations or for end-users? How much?
  3. Resources: Does prioritizing this project increase the contributions and resources flowing through the community? 

1. User Experience: Improve patient-centered care delivery and give care providers a great user experience

Modern UI that's easy for devs at different levels to contribute to, driven by a professional design process that prioritizes Point of Care user experience.


Investable Solutions

StatusSupporters: DesignSupporters: Development
Current Needs/GapsLearn More

Friendly, Modern UX in RefApp v3.0

Create a better means for building out a shared UI. Modernizing the entire RefApp frontend, using Carbon Design System for UI consistency and faster dev value. Needs to become a Point of Care application, that’s modern, friendly, and works well on tablets

people Join/Contact

Rapid Design System


MFE squad using Carbon Design System in all new/3.0 UI designs & dev work.



Patient Chart


End-to-end support for HIV Outpatient Workflow; pilot plan April 2021


Always welcome clinical test users

Medication Order Entry 



Always welcome clinical test users

Lab Values Display 



Always welcome clinical test users
In-Chart Search



Offline Support


Users for feedbackFollowing up with Medic Mobile about approaches

Smart Patient Lists



Other orgs interested in partnering

Talk post with latest approach

Clinically Helpful 

Present healthcare providers with helpful information at the right time to help make better decisions - and the ability to do program process improvement as a result.

Real-time Clinical Decision Support calculations


Will likely embed this work in Analytics Engine Squad 

2. Implementer Experience: Easier to build & deploy a distribution

Make life easier for implementers, and more efficient for developers.

ProjectAboutInvestable SolutionsStatusCurrent SupportersCurrent Needs/GapsLearn More

Plug & Play Architecture

Extensible, configurable and independently deployable frontend features. Get your frontend live and updated fast. Frontend architecture designed for extensible and configurable apps and widgets.

Microfrontend Architecture



UI Tools for Easy Configuration


Rapid White Labelling 


AMPATH, Mekom, ThoughtWorks VolunteersDesigns & early feedback complete; Dev work starting Feb

Platform & RefApp Maintenance

Update core platform (the universally shared backend of OpenMRS) and the Reference Application (recommended bundle that creates a frontend) with necessary tech stack updates, bug fixes, and urgent feature requests. 

Platform 2.4 Release: Stack Upgrade


Volunteers, PIHTesting

RefApp 2.11.0 Release with module updates and urgent bug fixes 


VolunteersAutomated tests to reduce manual QA & uncertainty

Easier Deployment 

Modernized containerization. Plug & play. Build and deploy easily, both cloud based and on prem deployments

Dockerized Deployment



Dedicated DevOps time/stewardship

Update community documentation/conventions/culture on packaging

3. Data Exchange: Easy, consistent, simplified Data Sharing across systems

Enterprise-ready integration with key health information systems.

ProjectAboutInvestable SolutionsStatus & TimelineCurrent SupportersCurrent Needs/GapsLearn More


Exchanging healthcare data in a widely-used, standards-based format, easing integration with external systems and products.

FHIR Module


Upgraded Module released. Next version underway.

UW DIGI, Brown University, AMPATH, Google CloudDevelopers

Tools for transforming OpenMRS data into a FHIR based warehouse


Google Cloud, AMPATH, UW DIGI

PLIR: Proof of concept using FHIR to extract Patient-Level Indicator data from OpenMRS


Digital Square (via Notice D award), OMRS Fellows x2

OpenMRS Dictionary Management

Sharing concepts first (before forms & reports possible) - semantic interoperability

WebApp for terminologists to manage and share concepts across sites and organizations


MSF, OCL, PIH, Volunteers, OMRS Fellow x1

REACT Developers, Product Managers

Critical External Integrations

Easier data sharing from OMRS to DHIS2 


Volunteers, Google Summer of CodeImplementer feedback
Early conformance testing for HIE data exchange via InstantOpenHIE



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