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1. Monica Ayhens Madon
2. Saurabh
3. Herbert Yiga
4. Mark Corbett
5. Grace Nakiguli
6. Jennifer Antilla 
7. Dan Kayiwa


   1. updating wiki with two resources to gather all openmrs related sufficient information

  2. Getting updates from Zach Elmer about documentation team

 3. Updating wiki  page with new rest api documentation without duplicating the old information 

4. IA for documentation spaces and resources

5. @Ayesh to update us about the on going board of  developing rest api documentation and its progress

GSOD updates
We officially begun the writing phase yesterday. The other technical writers who are not working with GSOD are still blocked because they have not yet been connected to the mentors. We hopefully will connect them to the mentors soon.
Monica is in high gear working on her project and also working hand in hand with Rainbow during this season of writing. She will make a talk thread asking the community what their thoughts are about the project in order to receive further guidance

Reviewing the trello board
There are four cards which are in the work in progress section and are being handled by different technical writers. There is a lot work in the up next section, and Grace will make a post on talk inviting community members to assist in updating the different cards.

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