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@Herbert Yiga
@Juliet Wamalwa
@Grace Nakiguli
@Vibhor Chinda
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@Grace Potma
@Joshua Nsereko
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   1. updating wiki with two resources to gather all openmrs related sufficient information

  2. Getting updates from Zach Elmer about documentation team

 3. Updating wiki  page with new rest api documentation without duplicating the old information 

4. IA for documentation spaces and resources

5. @Ayesh to update us about the on going board of  developing rest api documentation and its progress





GSOD updates
Community is giving input on project priorities
Review phase is coming to an end today - 90% of the mentors have completed their reviews
Wednesday-Thursday?: reviewers will discuss final selection

Reviewing the trello board
The work on the Trello will be resumed after the GsoD evaluation. 
A new card was created on the Trello which will handle The documentation of openmrs quarterly statistics

Update on openmrs upgrading tool kit
A generic upgrading tool kit is in the process of being developed -By Jennifer, Herbert and Joshua

Documentation guideline for teams and squads:
All the documentation and notes about teams should be under Weekly meetings; for squads, meeting notes should be under the project space making it easy for a community member to access all the necessary documentation about a project

Ref App release
Sharif to create a thread on talk for an open discussion preparing for release of the Reference Application 2.11.0

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