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The OpenMRS QA Support Team is a new group that aims to establish a systematic quality assurance process for OpenMRS software products. 

Mission and Purpose of the QA Support Team

The QA Support Team’s mission is to ensure the community release of quality OpenMRS software. The teams aims to achieve this mission by improving upon the current QA activities, which aim at finding bugs, to establish a proactive and systematic QA process within the community aimed at preventing bugs.

The team’s goals are as follows:

  1. Community-led.
  2. Sustainable and robust testing processes and framework.
  3. Foster a culture of quality assurance in developer and implementer practices.
  4. To produce high-quality OpenMRS products.

How to be part of the QA Support Team

We welcome any community member interested in joining the mission and leading various tasks to improve the QA program for OpenMRS.  If interest to join the team,  contact Christine Gichuki for more information.

Additionally, you are welcome to join us on our weekly call every Tuesday 10:30pm IST | 8pm EAT | 7pm Cape Town | 5pm Accra | 12 noon Boston | 9am Seattle.

Other communication channels include:

  1. Slack: channel #qa_team
  2. Talk: QA category

Documentation and the official QA page are as follows:

  1. Documentation:
    1. 2021 Meeting Notes
  2. Wiki: Quality Assurance

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