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Testing Resources

Figma Prototype: Figma Link to Interactive Prototype 

For Usability Testing Guide see: Full Length Guide


TASK 1. Lets say you are seeing this patient for the first time. How would you look through the patient's past medical issues?


  • See how user navigates to conditions
  • See how user navigates away from conditions 

Follow up questions

  • What information here do you think you can see more information about?
  • Let's say you want to view the most recent diagnosis first, how would you click to do that? (note: this prototype doesn't sort the list)

TASK 2: You want to review the patient's allergies, how might you do that?

  • Ask this question when the patient is deep within several pages (e.g. History / Conditions / HIV)
  • This will help see how the user navigates away from that part of the chart to the other part of the chart

Follow up questions

  • What other information about allergies would you like to see?

General Questions

  • See if the user is able move from the Chart page to either a first level page (e.g. Chart / History), and if they are also able to move from the Chart page to a deeper piece of information, (e.g such as Chart / History / Conditions / HIV). Perhaps ask what information they see on each page?

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