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  • Overview
  • Features


The Patient Flags Module OWA is an Open Web Application built using React & React-Redux in order to act as a front end for the Rest API supported by the Patient Flags Module. The web application consumes the Patient Flags Module Web API and has 4 Modules/Pages.


  • Manage Priorities - 
    • View table of existing priorities - their name, indicator and rank.
    • Add New priorities - Select a name, numeric rank value and associated color indicator from a color swatch.
    • Modify existing priorities.
    • Delete priorities.
  • Manage Tags- 
    • View table of existing tags.
    • Add New tags- Select a tag name, which user group(s) the tag is visible to and Display points (patient dashboard or patient header) .
    • Modify existing tags.
    • Delete tags.
  • Manage Flags- 
    • View table of existing flags.
    • Add New flags- Select a flag name, an associated group of tags and a priority for the flag. Select whether flag is enabled or disabled.
    • Modify existing flags.
    • Delete flags.
    • Filter flags by tags.
  • Search-
    • Find patients associated with a particular flag.
    • Display Patient particulars, associated tags and flag enabled status.


The OWA is packaged along with the Patient Flags Module.

  • Installation instructions for Module can be found here - Patient Flags Module Documentation.
  • Independent OWA installation instruction can be found here - Patient Flags Module OWA Developer Guide.



        1. Table Properties   

             The Flag display table has 5 columns - Name, Tags, Priority, Status & Actions.


Column NameDescription
NameDisplays flag name

Shows the tags associated with a particular flag


Shows the priority associated with a particular flag

StatusShows the enabled status of the flag - Flag is either Enabled or Disabled.
ActionsList of Actions - Edit & Delete

2. Adding A Flag

To add a new Flag click on the 'Add a Flag' button present in the page header.

A popup window containing a form would appear.

Fill In:

  • The Flag Name
  • The Flag Type (Groovy, SQL or Custom)
  • Criteria on which patients will be queried
  • A relevant message
  • Associated Tags (Multi select option)
  • Associated Priority (Single Select Option)
  • Status - Either Enabled or Not

Click on the Save button to Save the details or Cancel button the close the popup window.

3. Editing a Flag

To edit a flag, click on the pencil icon, in the Actions header of the table.

Edit Flag

This would open a popup window with the flag details

Once created, a Flag's name cannot be changed.

4. Deleting a Flag

Click the 'X' button against a particular Flag record in order to delete it.

 Delete Flag

5. Sorting Tables

Click on any table's header, in order to sort the column alphabetically.

6. Filter Records by Tags

The Filter by Tags option at the top of a page can be used to filter the flags present in the table.

  • Selected required associated tags from a multi-select options list.
  • Subsequently Either -
    • Show all the flags
    • Show flags that contain any of the selected tags.
    • Show flags that contain all of the selected tags.
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