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Once a patient is created, the system allows retrieving them through either their patient id or name. coreapps has a client side approach to searching by gender and age once a name or id is entered more or less filter by the 2. This project aims at doing server side patient searching using any or more than one search criterias; such as name, id, gender, dob/age etc.


  • Good Java and JavaScript skills
  • Soft skills to interact with the community in order to gather requirements and technical feedback

Skills Needed

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Rest
  • MySQL
  • Good understanding of Spring framework and OpenMRS API
  • Lucene


  • Investigate possible usage of lucene in this project
  • Create PatientSearchCriteria supporting the 2 current ones id/name
  • Support search by gender
  • Support search by dob
  • Support search by either or all of id,name,age,dob
  • Add rest interface to interact with the search engine developed above
  • Add supported criterias onto the patient search page in reference application

Extra Credit

  • Reach out to the community and support any other search criterias besides age and gender of their preference.


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