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Regrets: Wyclif (sick)

Discussion items

Project Activities Spreadsheet

Last weeks notes
2018-07-02 Project Management Meeting
Internships: GSoC 2018

Internships: Andela

Daniel Kayiwa
  • List of Andela Projects
  • 4 on OCL - Daniel to see when this team will "fall off"
  • 3 on order entry
  • OCL will get additional developer before the current team "falls off"
  • Next team will be split between order entry and OCL
  • "Celebrating Our Andela Partnership" blog post -
  • Should we ask Andela to create log in and landing page? Daniel believes yes because this is more front end work. May be a good opportunity to use a more experienced dev to take Andela through a mini sprint
  • Daniel blogged about Andela.
    • Put out a call for projects to come on as project leads building off of Andela blog post
SolDevelo / Sync 2.0

Jakub S?awi?ski

OpenMRS Reference Application 2.8/2.9
  • Juliet updating documentation for 2.8 and some tickets are moving to 2.9
  • Stephen will do retrospective on Talk of the last couple of releases- this still needs to be done
  • In week or two start discussion on 2.9 (smile) - are we ready to do this or do next week?
    • Will need discussion of proposed milestones/targets for RefApp 2.9
  • Release scheduled for Oct 2018
  • According to Release Process Timeline we should be "Early July: October release manager announces modules"
    • Maurya confirmed to post for release manager on Talk
OpenMRS Platform 2.2
  • Most tickets remaining are awaiting developers
  • July 2018 release date
  • Can see where things stand on the Technical Road Map
  • Daniel and Wyclif agreed last week to take on some of the tickets - progress?
    • Daniel and Wyclif did not have time to pick up tickets over the last week
  • Will focus on one ticket for now:
    IDGEN-42 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    Any developers with any time (30 minutes, an hour, a day, whatever) to help with Platform 2.2, please try to move IDGEN-42 forward.
OCL UpdateJon Payne
  • Unable to make the call today

Last week todos

Next week
2018-07-16 Project Management Meeting

Action items

  • Burke will Tweet about GSoC and new TPM
  • Jamie will reach out to Paul for a blog entry about our new TPM
  • Daniel will get an update to see how long we have the OCL Andela team for
  • Darius and Tendo to put out a call for projects to come on as project leads building off of Andela blog post
  • Stephen Senkomago Musoke will do retrospective on Talk of the last couple of releases
  • Maurya to post for release manager on Talk



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