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The order entry ui is an OpenMRS feature that allow medical personnel to add orders(currently only drug orders are supported) through the user interface(UI).


 The order entry ui application should look like this when the page first loads:


The page has the following sections:

  • The inpatient and outpatient tabs
  • The drug search bar for search for a drug under which the order is to be created
  • Active drug orders with edit and discontinue actions
  • Past drug orders.

A video tutorial to walk you through the user interface can be found here


Accessing the order entry user interface

The order entry user interface can only be access when the user is logged so user will always be redirected the login page. When logged in, the following guideline will help you access the order entry user interface

  1. From the openMRS application home page, click on "Find patient record" as shown below:
  2. Search for the appropriate patient by ID or by Name and the select the appropriate patient as shown below:
  3. On the patient details page, click on the highlighted link on "Prescribed Medication" provides access to the order entry ui application

Placing a drug order

A video tutorial for this guide can be found here

A drug order is placed through the following steps:

  1. Select outpatient tab or inpatient tab for an inpatient or outpatient respectively
  2. Search for a drug by typing the first three characters of the drug name in the search bar as shown below
  3. Select the drug from the available suggestions
  4. A dosage form with standard dosage(default) and free text tabs will be displayed as shown below

    The free text dosage form should appear as shown below:
  5. Populate the all the fields as required and the "add" button shall be activated as shown below:
  6. Click on the add button to add the order to unsaved draft orders as shown below:

    The user can discard the order by clicking on the "discard" button or save the order by clicking on "Sign and Save"
    User can also edit the order by clicking on the edit icon in the actions and this will display a pre-populated edit form
  7. Click the sign and save button to submit the drug order and the order will appear under active orders as shown below:

Editing an active drug order

A drug order is edited/updated through the following steps:

  1. Click on the edit icon that appears in the actions column of active orders as highlighted below:
  2. A dosage form with pre-populated values will be displayed, Make the the necessary changes and click on "Add"
  3. The next steps are similiar to the ones for placing an order from 6 to 7.
  4. The edited order will appear in active orders and the previous version can be seen in the past orders.

Discontinuing an active drug order

A drug order can be discontinued through the following steps

  1. Click on the discontinue icon that appears in the actions column of active orders as highlighted below
  2. In the unsaved draft orders table that will appear, provide the appropriate reason for deleting the order and click either "sign and save" to discontinue the order or "discard" to cancel as shown below
  3. The discontinued order shall appear in past drug orders

Placing multiple drug orders

The user can add more than one order to the unsaved draft orders table and then "Sign and Save" all drug orders at once as shown below


Viewing Past Drug Orders

If past drug orders are more than ten, the results are paginated and will show a maximum ten orders per page. Use the next or previous button to navigate to the next page or previous page respectively. The user can also click on the page number to got directly to it as shown below:


Video tutorials

A full playlist of video tutorial posted above can be accessed from here. Enjoy!!!


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