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  • 2017-12-18 Project Management Meeting
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Discussion items

  • Any items PM needs to follow up on?
    • Operationally it would be good to review notes pages to consolidate and pull out important items (check back with Terry in a couple weeks)
OCL ModuleRafal Korytkowski
  • OCL currently being tested by the Banda Health team from Kenya. We are working on fixing issues together. A few days ago Rafal Korytkowski did a new release of the module with some fixes, but expect to do another release this week. (update 12/6)
Modulus server being decommissionedDarius Jazayeri
  • Darius did testing
Reference ApplicationStephen Senkomago Musoke
  • was to be released on Dec 7 but don't see it on download page or on Talk
  • Asked Tendo & Stephen here.
  • Asked about release status here.
GCIIvange Larry Ndumbe
  • Leaned a lot on a few mentors who were doing the heavy lifting for GCI task review
    • Felt like we leaned too much on Daniel for reviewing technical tasks
  • Could have used more mentors with technical skills this year
  • Mentor team was limited to previous GSoC & GCI students and mentors
  • Many mentors were too busy during GCI
  • Have moved on to curated tickets
  • Students have blown us away
    • Claiming many tasks and even claiming some difficult tasks (and teaching Daniel a thing or two along the way )
  • For future GCI:
    • Experienced mentors
    • Understand availability of mentors ahead of time
    • Be clearer with expectations
    • Consider having mentors sign up for specific hour(s)
      • Create a timeline where people can help cover all times during the week
    • It would help if mentors could be assigned to particular types of tasks
      • Consider accepting more mentors, but limit mentors to approve only tasks for which their experience allows.
    • Try to find ways to motivate mentors for availability.
    • Some mentors seem to get tired along the way.
    • Expectation: 20% of mentors active, 40% fairly active, 40% not active or unseen
    • Did not have statistics to help getting started
      • How many tasks needed up front?
      • What types of tasks are needed? e.g., some tasks (like video tasks) can be done by many students; however, coding tasks cannot easily be taken by many students without creating confusion
      • How many mentors are needed?
    • Start preparing for GCI 1-2 months earlier (before announcement) to get more coding tasks prepared
    • Consider creating a document like So you want to be a GSoC admin? for GCI admins.
AndelaDaniel Kayiwa

Scrum of Scrums
PM Activities
  • Anything to add or change?

Action items

  • Jamie Thomas to post about scrum of scrum this week
  • Burke Mamlin following up with Stephen and Tendo on Ref App Release
  • Jamie Thomas to follow up with Terry on Scrum of Scrums format




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