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12 May 2011

How To Join

Contact Unknown User (dawn) for more information on how to join the call.

In Attendance

  • Paul Biondich
  • Hamish Fraser
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Chris Seebregts
  • Dawn Smith



Topic Leader(s)



Rwanda ehealth Architecture

Unknown User (hamish)



Re-Organizing Calls Update

Unknown User (darius)



NGO Updates

Unknown User (dawn)

5 min


Conference Updates

Unknown User (dawn)

5 min


Meeting Minutes

  • Rwanda ehealth Architecture
    • Paul: HI-PPP is emerging an implementation plan to improve maternal health outcomes
    • Chris: Recommendations were made to the ministry around the adoption of certain standards
      • We need to work through the use cases and implementation science to add value to the outcomes of maternal and child health
    • Hamish: Difficulty is getting information on where the architecture is going and to get clarity
  • Re-Organizing Calls Update
    • Darius: Still need feedback from Andy and Chris S. on input for re-organizing OpenMRS calls
    • Summary:
      • Leadership: includes project management
        • 1.5 hrs/wk total: 1hr weekly leadership call then 30min before or after for project management
      • Community: overlap with implementers, users, developers, external devs
        • 1hr/wk total: can include features/feature requirements, implementers showcase, consumers of OpenMRS can talk about plans, WIP/demos, GSoC (1 student per call to do a showcase)
      • Developers: day-to-day and core devs
        • 3-4hrs/wk total: can include design/how to implement design, development, code review, GSoC
    • Paul: Important to have a shared responsibility on the calls and decision. Encourage leadership from others
    • Chris S.: Participative Management Style - using peer review to talk about performance on an individual basis but also as an organization
    • Hamish: It would be good to have a process around this. It can be difficult to elicit feedback, but we need to find a way to engage individuals other than leadership to grow the organization
    • Discussion Point: How can we open up design call discussions to the community, but still have a high-level discussion for core devs
      • Burke: How do we make the meeting more transparent? Documentation and taking that to the community
      • Darius: We need to find a call to invite Mike and Jeremy
      • Chris S.: Appoint one person of contact in Jembi to join the design call as well
  • NGO Updates
  • Conference Updates
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