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Discussion items

GSoC 2018Daniel Futerman
OpenMRS Platform 2.2Unknown User (wyclif)
OpenMRS Reference Application 2.8
Scrum of ScrumsDarius Jazayeri


  • How did it go?
  • Terry still needs to get with Darius about the format for scrum of scrums
GCIUnknown User (ivange94)
  • Would like to get final update - Deferred


Unknown User (dkayiwa) Deferred
PM: Task List


  • Follow up action items from the summit
  • how are we going to pull the task list from OMRS17 into the roadmap
    • Terry will present the list during the scrum of scrums
    • divide tasks into ref app or platform
  • how will we prioritize those tasks

Action items

  • Unknown User (jthomas) to sent James and Maurya reminder for DHIS2 integration for next week.
  • Unknown User (jthomas) to reach out to 2.2 feature point of contacts to make them aware and to help identify developers
  • Burke will propose transition the UI as a design forum topic
  • Jamie reach out to JJ about laying out how the Ui could move forward and if he can share (prioritize: transition UI to contemporary technologies)