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OpenMRS Developers

See the list of OpenMRS Developers

The OpenMRS Community depends on the helpful hands of many developers around the world, most of whom are volunteering their time to save lives.  We're proud of all of them!


Interested in joining the team?

We have bimonthly Development Sprints that anyone can join. If you want to volunteer to join a sprint, email a specific sprint team lead or send an email to the developers mailing list.

Management Procedures

The developers for OpenMRS are not collocated. Therefore certain development practices are used to facilitate remotely working in a collaborative fashion:

Development Sprints

Sprints are designed to be a time-boxed period of work with predetermined output. The sprints last for 2-3 weeks and all agreed upon code is meant to be completed, tested, and documented at the end of the sprint.

See Development Sprints for more information and scheduling.

Daily Scrum

The OpenMRS Development team meets daily in our IRC channel in a scrum to discuss the work at hand. The daily scrum meeting schedule can be found here.

Weekly Check-ins

These check-ins are separate from the sprint meetings. Developers check in weekly with their lead for 30 mins. This meeting is just to make sure that development is on task, get any followup questions asked, and a general Q&A for the developer and lead.


Communication between developers takes place mainly in public channels. The IRC channel is the first stop, followed by the developers mailing list, the weekly developer call, and then when necessary, Skype calls or Jabber/Google Talk instant messages.

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